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Immunoglobulin Profile, Serum

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What is Immunoglobulin Profile, Serum?

Immunity is a word that we all are probably familiar with today. Our immune system works as a pathway in our body to protect us from harmful microbes. It recognizes the chaotic element in our body like viruses and bacteria. It takes action immediately against all odds. A protein called immunoglobulin plays a crucial role in doing that. It is produced by plasma in our blood. Immunoglobulin majorly has three types- IgG, IgM, and IgA that reach the end. When the system doesn’t work well it can be a major concern for your health. Your body will not be able to fight off viruses and bacteria; this may result in infection with severe health conditions. Immunoglobulin helps to keep your immunity balanced. When it goes too high or too low in the body, it may cause serious health problems. 

Constantly infected with some disease is a sign that your immune system is not working properly. Timely diagnosis and treatment is the right solution to cope with the situation. Well, Hindustan Wellness may help you! It has brought Ig Profile Blood Test with a free sample collection from your home. We are India’s best preventive and managed health care company to provide our customers with a home-like experience. Our easy online test booking facility and accessibility are time-saving for you. We are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable health services to you with affordable immunoglobulin test cost. On our official website, you can book a test for serum Immunoglobulin Test Profile With some simple steps. We are here to help in any manner we can!

Immunoglobulin Profile, Serum

Some health conditions like viral or bacterial infections, autoimmune disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis are caused due to the immunoglobulin imbalance in our body. Hindustan Wellness’s Immunoglobulin Profile helps to diagnose a variety of conditions in immunodeficiency. The IgG blood test, IgA blood test and some other important tests help to measure the levels of antibodies - IgG, IgA, IgM, and IgE in the blood. So, basically, the test is an evaluation of your immune system which detects an excess in one or all of the immunoglobulin. 

Usual health conditions when the test is performed

You may need to get an Immunoglobulin profile serum done if your health provider says to have some low or high levels of this protein. It defines some of the symptoms on different levels. Your doctor may use the information from the test to find out the risk for your health.

  • Having frequent or unusual viral and bacterial infections.
  • If a person is suffering from chronic diarrhoea.
  • When you are having a certain kind of sinus infection. 
  • If you are diagnosed with a kind of lung infection. 
  • The one who has a family history of immunodeficiency.
  • Having some signs of autoimmune disease with high immunoglobulin. 

The preparations for the test

For the Ig blood test, you may not need to do any specific preparations. Your health care professional may suggest if certain kinds of precautions are to be taken. 

How the test feels

Your health care provider draws a few drops of blood inserting a needle in your arm. You may feel moderate pain sometimes. It usually feels like a prick of the sting when a needle goes out or in. The blood is collected into a vial. The whole process may take less than five minutes. 

The result evaluation

The results of Ig Blood test may vary as per the level of high or low Immunoglobulin in your body. 

  • It may indicate having kidney disease if the level of the antibody is low in your blood.
  • In some situations, severe burn injury may also occur when having low immunoglobulin. 
  • Malnutrition may also be one of the consequences of having the protein below its normal level. 
  • Sepsis or leukaemia are also the conditions that may take place if low antibodies are identified in the test. 
  • The results also may indicate having an autoimmune disease when it shows a higher than normal level of immunoglobulin. 
  • Some other health conditions like hepatitis, cirrhosis and chronic infection may also be diagnosed as having high immunoglobulin in your blood.
  • Fatal HIV infection may also be monitored with a high level of this protein.

After performing the immunoglobulin profile serum test, you can consult your doctor for a valuable piece of advice. You openly talk to him about the ongoing and previous health issues if any. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the normal level of immunoglobulin in a healthy body?

The normal level of immunoglobulin in a healthy adult should be- IgG 6.0 - 16.0g/L, IgM 0.4 - 2.5g/L, and IgA 0.8 - 2.0g/L. 

Why is the Immunoglobulin Profile serum test done?

The test is conducted to check the level of immunoglobulin in the blood which is a crucial agent to make our immune system strong and fit. 

What are the primary symptoms of immunodeficiency?

Some primary symptoms of immunodeficiency may include frequent viral or bacterial infections, infection in internal organs, some blood disorders, digestive problems, or autoimmune disorders. 

Do I need to fast for the IgG test?

Usually, IgG blood test doesn’t require fasting or any dietary restrictions.

Is diagnosis with low IgM serious?

IgM deficiency in some cases could be serious if you are diagnosed with heterogeneous disorders. Some viral or fungal infections could also be life-threatening.

Immunoglobulin Profile, Serum Preparation and General Instructions

  • Do not eat or drink anything except water for a minimum of 10-12 hours prior to Sample Collection for Blood test i.e Tea/Coffee/Juice/Biscuits etc.
  • Please do not consume your morning dose of tablets (if any) prior to Sample Collection.
  • Please do not consume alcohol/nicotine 24 hours prior to health check..
  • Specifically for ladies:
    If you're menstruating on the scheduled day of your health checkup, kindly inform us. Since you'll not be able to do your urine tests as the presence of blood would produce inaccurate results.

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